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Strengthening Your Management Style in Academia

This course is not about managing your projects, but how you manage yourself and build sustainable relationships to ensure that you and your projects get the support needed. It is specifically geared toward early career STEM faculty and Principal Investigators who want to refresh their skills in this area. Aileen Trilles provides the tools and techniques that will give you an edge when relating to peers, colleagues, program sponsors, students, and administrative support staff to yield sustainable and positive outcomes. Topics covered include: knowing your impact, establishing connections, effective communication, building trust, cultivating a safe space, staying curious, and putting it all together.

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Course Author

image of Aileen Trilles, Director of Human Resources, College of Engineering, University of Washington

Instructor: Aileen Trilles, Director of Human Resources, College of Engineering, University of Washington

Aileen Trilles is the Director of Human Resources at the College of Engineering at the University of Washington. Over the last 16 years, she has supported scientists and engineers in an academic institutional setting within a human resources capacity. As such, she has come to recognize their needs especially in relation to administrative support and navigating organizational bureaucracy.

She believes relationships matter. People who enjoy what they do and who they work with, are more productive in their jobs. If employees spend an average of 50+ hours a week in the work place, then doing something meaningful and with others whom they connect with, matters. But the workplace is not a utopia. Sometimes there are inefficiencies, mismanagement, miscommunication, and distrust.

Aileen is collaborative and introspective organizational development practitioner. As such, she is interested in building adaptive leadership and collaborative practices within organizations by leading and supporting change that is sustainable. She is motivated by a sense of deep curiosity, neutrality, open-mindedness, and a willingness to see-hear all perspectives. Having worked with individuals from various economic and social backgrounds, she has come to value divergent views and the relationships with whom she interacts. Aileen values creativity and the importance of presenting solutions in the presence of challenging issues. She enjoys what she does.

Course Overview

Duration: 1 hour


  • Learning how to build relationships and manage people to ensure projects get the support needed
  • Realizing your impact, know your triggers and identify pitfalls
  • Knowing how to navigate difficult conversations and situations

Certificate of Completion

  • Earn 1 PDH

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