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How to Implement Career Changing Ideas for Early Career Engineers

Completing an engineering degree program equips you with something invaluable that is often underrated, the ability to apply an analytical problem solving mentality to the business side of engineering and beyond. Imagine the opportunities that will available to you if you were able use your academic knowledge to create and gain approvals for business ideas that would be helpful in both engineering and/or business worlds. In this course, you will learn five actionable strategies you can use to move your idea from a preliminary design to reality, and to get the recognition you deserve in the process.

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Course Author

image of Anthony Fasano

Instructor: Anthony Fasano

Anthony Fasano (PE) is proud to serve as the Executive Director for The New York State Society of Professional Engineers, whose mission is to advocate licensure, promote the ethical, competent and lawful practice of engineering, and enhance the image and interests of members and the engineering profession. As the founder of The Engineering Career Coach, Mr. Fasano is dedicated to creating content for engineers to help them develop their non-technical skills so they can become more well-rounded. He is also a speaker and author, having appeared in a TEDx talk and written the bestselling book Engineer Your Own Success. He has also conducted numerous webinars, webcasts, presentations and interviews, and has two top rated iTunes podcasts for engineering professionals.

Course Overview

Duration: 1 hour


  • Understand how to broadcast the benefits
  • Learn how to start with the results and end with the design
  • Gain support from key stakeholders through collaboration
  • Understand the importance of including end-user input
  • Communicate the design confidently and clearly

Certificate of Completion

  • Earn 1 PDH

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