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Career Development Courses

The AAAS Career Development Online Portal provides eLearning courses, programs, and tools to help STEM students and early career professionals prepare for career placement and succeed in their careers.

Career Pathways Program

The Career Pathways Program includes 8 core courses, 2 elective courses and Program-exclusive learning tools. Contact your Career Office or Graduate Center to receive a course activation code. Students will have one year to access courses once they are activated.

Career Pathways: Learning Beyond Grad School

Multiple Authors

Students who are about to graduate face a dizzying array of choices. Do they continue on an academic path beyond a PhD, or do they or consider several non-academic career options within industry, government, agencies, etc.? Even if they’ve secured a PhD in Science, less than 10% of STEM PhDs pursue academia. AAAS has created this program with the career needs of STEM students in mind. Our new Career Pathways: Learning Beyond Grad School Program prepares graduate students for the real-life challenges – and opportunities – that await beyond the classroom and helps them explore and pursue their career dreams.

Program-Exclusive Learning Tools (coming soon!)

  • Four interactive role play scenarios:
    1. Negotiating a salary
    2. Handling conflict in the Lab
    3. Handling conflict outside of the Lab
    4. Working with your PI
  • Sample resumes and cover letters
  • Access to job postings

What Your Grad Advisor Didn’t Tell You

Shirley Malcom, Head of Education and Human Resources Program, AAAS

Explore the many career pathways available to graduate students and those who will be graduating in the near future.

Communicating Science: Fundamentals for Public Engagement

Jeanne Braha, Project Director of Public Engagement, AAAS

Identify the benefits of public communication while learning how to craft your message and gain the skills and confidence to engage with public audiences.

Understanding the Federal R&D Budget

Matthew Hourihan, R&D Budget and Policy Program Director, AAAS

Review the steps in the federal budget process, what influences it, how it comes together in the Executive Branch and Congress and how budget politics and science funding interact.

Resume Writing for Graduate Students & Postdocs

Josh Henkin, Program Manager, The Tauri Group

Learn how to effectively engage reviewers by telling a story about yourself. Resume Writing reveals the hiring manager’s perspective, how to make a first impression, best practices, inside tips and resume dos and don’ts.

How to Network and Build Strong Relationships in Your Science or Engineering Career

Anthony Fasano, Executive Director, NYS Society of Professional Engineers

Learn the importance of networking in your career and strategies for effective networking and relationship building.

Preparing for a Successful Job Interview

Peter Carley, Principal, Human Resources and Career Strategies

Discover the three main components of interview preparation that will make you more at ease and help you to take full advantage of the opportunity that an interview presents.

Using LinkedIn to Build Relationships as a Technical Professional

Anthony Fasano, Executive Director, NYS Society of Professional Engineers

Discover how to build a strong profile and connect with the right people – to help you progress in your career – as well as how to move on to the next steps after making your online connection.

How to Work in Diverse Teams Outside of Academia

Josh Henkin, Program Manager, The Tauri Group

Learn how to work with diverse teams in a nonacademic, professional environment and explore the challenges and opportunities of working in that environment.

Engaging in Science Policy

Erin Heath, Associate Director of Government Relations, AAAS

Discover several options for engaging in policy and how to pursue those options to affect change. Learn about the strategies and resources available for science policy engagement.

How to Communicate with Congress

Sean Gallagher, Senior Government Relations Officer, AAAS

Learn the most effective ways to communicate with Congress, how to set up and prepare for a meeting with a congressional senator or representative as well as best practices and what to expect.