Annual Subscriptions

AAAS Career Development is here to help you provide additional resources for your students at a reasonable rate. That’s why we’ve created subscription plans based on the number of seats your institution or department needs. Simply enter your information to receive access to an instant subscription calculator.

Reduced Cost per Seat

With our subscription plan, we are able to reduce the cost per seat as you increase the number of students you want to add. Share with your colleagues and save by combining your resources!

Full Access to All Content

Your students won’t miss a thing – they have access to our entire catalog every year. When your plan renews, all new courses will automatically be added to your subscription.

New Content Every Year

AAAS Career Development is dedicated to adding courses that will help new and early career science professionals advance in their careers.

Course Certificates

When your students complete courses, they are automatically issued a certificate of completion. Coming soon – badging that can be added to their CV or resume!

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