AAAS Career Development Open Access Portal Subscribing Partners:

AAAS Career Development Open Access Portal Subscribing Partners:

Stories from Our Subscribers

“Employers are looking for students who not only perform well in the classroom, but also … bring to the workplace those skills which make them a whole person.”

Dr. Bill Means
Director of Career Services,
Delaware State University

“We really encourage our students to do early career exploration, often, so that they’re trying out things that could be the best fit for them.”

Rebekah Layton
Program Director, Training Initiatives in Biological and Biomedical Sciences,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The Proposal Writing Program is a key resource that the Career Development Center provides at AAAS.”

Gary M. Baker
Professor and Co-coordinator of Graduate Career and Professional Development,
Northern Illinois University

“AAAS had a 5-part [Proposal Writing] series that was exactly what we were looking for.”

Elizabeth Wilkins
Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,
College of Education, Northern Illinois University

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